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Rubber Tapes / Strips

Texstrip’s TE and THH rubber tapes or strips, are produced from natural or synthetic rubber.  These superior quality tapes or strips are widely used in swimwear, men and ladies briefs, disposable garments, fitted bed sheets, cushion cover, shower caps and goggles.  It is also commonly used as rubber gaskets in industrial assembly. These tapes could be formulated to customer’s specifications such as color, thickness, width and lubrication.

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Type TE Type THH
High yield / kg
Good launderable characteristics
Good elastic properties
Non-toxic and non-staining
Excellent sewability with all natural and synthetic fabrics
Surface treatment Silicone or Talc Washed
Tape / Strip width 3mm ~ 900mm
Tape / Strip thickness 0.25mm ~ 1.00mm