Bed Frame

Bed Frame

Recliner and Slatted Bed Frame

Slatted Bed Frame for Bedroom and Caravan

Our bed frame is made of high quality steel with premium finishing and look. The sprung slats work better with your mattress and thus extend the mattress lifespan. It also provides the natural bounce, adjust to your profile and support your body weight better.

Our bigger bed frame has double slatted units that are supported by a central rail for stability. This ensures minimum disturbance to your partner’s sleep at night.

Bed Frame Dimension for Slatted Bed

Single 88 cm x 188 cm
King Single 105 cm x 203 cm
Double 135 cm x 188 cm
Queen 152 cm x 203 cm
King 183 cm x 203 cm


Horizontal Lift

Vertical Lift

For bedrooms with limited storage space, or in a caravan, our slatted bed frame can be coupled with gas lift hinge set to make empty space below your bed accessible as storage space. The bed frames can also be coupled with motorized hinge set to ease the lifting of the bed frame.

Bed Frame Dimension for Caravan

Caravan Bed – Double 135 cm x 142 cm
Caravan Bed – Queen 152 cm x 142 cm
Caravan Single Folded 176 cm x 74 cm


Different sizes are available upon request.
For enquiry, please contact us.